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Wall Street On The Map

Director: David Kronenberg

In the rocks: Julianne Moore, Robert Pattinson, Mia Vasicoska

Let the new Cronenberg movie be a memory of those long times when the director blows people's brains both in the straight and in the portable sense, the features of the branded style of a singer of mutations and perversions in the new picture are easily detected. The main heroin (Vasicoska) wears black gloves on the elbow, the skin of her hands is deformed by the fire she built as a child. All other characters of the painting whose action is being turned up in Hollywood are not less immoral, although there are no physical deficiencies. Hollywood on the Kronenberg is a scary place where incest, paedophilia, group sex and other moral decay are held. Where people (including children) are willing to kill for a career where all morals are false, and sincerely just betrayal. The exemplary of all these sins of a film star named Havana Segrand (in the courage of Julianne Moore) receives a murderous blow to the head of the Canadian Oskar statue (the author ' s " Muhi " is not present). Only the final footage of the Sansset Bulvara or Rodeo Drive covered by the fire is missing. But it can be easily understood.

Channel 1, Saturday, 23.00

Trailer's Star Map.

Aleksandr (2004)

Director: Oliver Stone

Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins

Oliver StoneI think I've already overtaken all modern leaders (Nixon, Kennedy, Fidel Castro), but keeps looking for heroes. Now is not our time. Where he's probably the only one to find. In his film, Alexander Macedonsky is a deeply suffering man. His father prefers to see a giant Zevs, not a single-eyed drunk who refuses to recognize his heir. The image of a soft mom, Olympia, is constantly rhyming with a poisonous snake... With such parents, you'll probably be a great conqueror. " Did such Alexander exist in reality? " , at the beginning of the painting, ask the question of old Ptolemy (Entoni Hopkins) from whom the name is drawn. And he's answering himself, "No, he does. We made ourselves a suicide. "

Che, Saturday, 18.35, Sunday, 18.00

The Russian trailer of Alecsandre, 2004Odni saw in it a great king and warrior, full ambition, courage, leading his troops to the Persian army. Other sons desperately trying to conquer the approval of a harsh father and revoke the mother's legacy. His name was Alexander the Great
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