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Wall Street Content

The events described occurred in 1985. A young broker named Bud Fox is unsuccessfully trying to arrange a meeting with his cousin, Gordon Gecko. A shark of business and a brilliant stock exchange business, that's how a new hero friend on Wall Street is known. Having learned the inside information about the Bluestar airline that his father gave him, Fox decides to share it with his mentor. He suddenly agrees to the proposed deal of a young man in the purchase of shares until they take off at a price. Men have since become businessmen.

A young broker, gaining Gecko's support and ties, makes a successful career on the market. His friend doesn't want to use dirty business practices and engages Fox. But finding out that Gordon decided to sell the Bluestar completely where Bud worked, and at the moment his father, who, because of these machinations, is going to a hospital with a heart attack, the hero decides to avenge his former cousin. He's agreeing to meet the evil opponent of Gecko, Larry Wildman. Together, they organize a sharp fall in the price of the Bluestar stock, which leaves the abuser with a lot of money.

As a result, Gordon is handing over Buda because of the use of insider information, for which he is arrested. In return, the hero is working with the financial police and helping them expose Gekko. At the end, Fox's parents support him and escort him to the courthouse where his mentor was involved.

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