Drilling down specifically

Crisis 2009

The only Russia was indivisible,
When the land and the subsoil gave birth
A simple human being, in fact, not memo,
Then your name was Rodina and Mother.
Now your wealth is in the hands of a blissful brotherhood,
Whose leader has been appointed a " great democracy " .
And he's very skilled, but he's a pussy, with the share of bartivity,
Plays a full-blown electorate.
He's living with a public official.
And the people who stole their capital.
And if they burn in the Duma, they whistle passions.
His own party's throwing them away!
The law takes the oligarchs,
Without thinking, raise their tax.
There's no such thing as monarchs,
There's a flaw out of the people!
Now they're living on gas, oil, wood,
If they care about industrial collapse...
And the fact that in the world this country loses in the balance,
In the West, supplying raw materials, grain, metal...
According to the people, they have one concern:
Quick before you refuse to fill your pocket.
It's not a stunt, it's a good job.
By using forgery, corruption of fraud.

None of the new Russians will remember the poor,
Who once was so cool.
And he'll rob a slave,
Saying, "I saw you in the coffin!"
The only Russia has divided you.
Inter-Vulgar luxury and humble poverty.
And that's why the fraternity in the country that lived,
We're in the past behind the inaccessible line!
It's uncommon for them to have a goal with the people,
Because we live on different fields.

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