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Wall Street Women

20120903-3Last season, in my mother-- Moscow, I was able to see and sit in the jury a competition for young modelers and clothing designers, Exersis, who ran his 10th season. It is traditionally held in the former CNN (now WHC) within the 24 federal fair of textile and light products and equipment. The fair itself, obviously counted on professionals, I didn't have a bright impression, but the contest...

It consists of several nominees, youth clothes, men's clothes, business clothes, and the power of Vera Tugova. Women's clothing And a little dress. However, the total number of displays was unprecedented, and members of the jury, who were presided over by a known modeler, Vladimir Zubec, and the editors of the Alexander Hilkewich fashion magazines, had to look at neither much nor a little in the day of 69 collections. The total number of indicators, however, could be divided into pret collections, while the port was more standardized in terms of mass production and free fantasies of girls and boys who had not been commercialized and produced their masterpieces.

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