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Makes The Wall Street Down

john bollinger bandsIn many trade systems, a specific set of indicators can be found. A few have been created by successful economists who, through their development, have created their hedge funds and become millionaires. One of Bollinger's most famous stripes or lines.

The indicator of this level is used, including on Wall Street and is considered legendary. They're good to supplement the candle test, and because of the stripes, you won't have to jump like a flea from the indicator "induca, as they call it a joker" on another indicator, put them 20 grand on a schedule or buy any pay signals.

John Bollinger is one of the most important representatives of the trade union. It is with his children that newcomers can start, which is what they prefer to learn from the indicators to develop a difficult trade art.

Джон БоллинджерBollinger's hair is a popular indicator of trend and volatilism.

But before we start, let's meet John himself.

John Bollinger

John Bollinger is the legend of the financial market. And far from white with patriarchs, no 60. John is the holder of many financial awards (there are dozens of leans) and the author of the Ballinger Worldwide Noselle, which was translated into 11 languages.

Индикатор Боллинджера

What good is this book? This is not only a description of the principle of the performance of the indicator, but also a unique guide to the bidding of any assets. And you know what I liked most about her? What it says in human language. No ears, no mathematical terms and formulas.

Amazingly, as a math, John managed to describe the work of the Bollinger strips in a way that even a 10-grader would understand them. A very simple language, without a single formula.

In this article, I'll tell you everything you need to know about lines/semis. But if you want to enjoy the full version of it, roll that book. You won't.

John has been conducting a technical analysis of the financial assets since 1977, starting with fully-stock computers. Over time, it has developed its system (Group Power) to identify trends in various industrial groups and sectors.

Линии Боллинджера Линии Боллинджера цена хождение по полосе боллинджера полосы боллинджера тренд вниз
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