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Breaking The Wall Street Off

Specialized literature on investment. It's hard to figure out what a book is worth, and what a waste of time is. Together with Maxim Chebotarov, the manager of the Investment School and the head of the FRIA Business Angela Club, editor #tceh selected eight books to be present at each investor's shelf.


By these symbols, you can understand if the book fits your level of knowledge:

ок - new investment

- -

— — — — - profi

— — — — — — — — - superprofi


The investor ' s manifest can be boldly referred to the basic books - it will be a true assistant to all start-up investors. The book addresses the main aspects of investment. The focus is on portfolio planning details. After reading it, the newcomers will begin to look at the delicates and features of the financial and investment environment.

Waren Buffet's biography, one of the richest people of our time, describes the way to success, from failure to triumph.

Investors draw practical advice, knowledge and multi-millionaire approaches to investment. This book reads not only by investors: it inspires, forces us to act, because it speaks of a strong man and his principles that a reader can adopt in his life.

Jack Schwager's book is of interest to both experienced and emerging investors. It collects theoretical and practical knowledge, offers advice on how to build trade systems and trade. At the end of the book, there are price schedules that can be used as exercises to test knowledge.


Ben Horowitz

In this book, Ben Horowitz ' s experienced American entrepreneur makes practical recommendations based on personal experience to build and develop start-ups. The book is written alive. It has a lot of humor and horrific business speeches and technology business in particular. However, the information provided in the book is extremely useful and requires serious reflection.

The Venture investor Bible Brad Feld wrote, whose name worldwide is associated with successful investment. Brad is the founder and manager of his own investment fund. In his book, he shares his profession ' s secrets: what kinds of investments are, how investment funds are built from within, what are the basic principles of their work, what steps the transaction is, and what needs to be addressed at different stages.

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