фильм Уолл-стрит, Wall Street

Wall Street Thieves

Series: “Documental Business Treller”

James B. Stewart ' s Pulitzer Prize winner was the first to show that Wall Street ' s generosity and viability are only the highest iceberg, whose submarine contains a world of corruption and conspiracy, the manipulation of prices and the illegal use of classified information. James Stewart's book is hard to define. On the one hand, this is a journalistic investigation: the book is based solely on real events, documents and trade information, and on the other, is an acute triller, where a description of the human nature, the big business and large-scale speculation has been completed by an unprecedented drama.

Year of publication:2015
Place of publication:Moscow
Language of the text:Russian
Original language:English
Translation:Kirichenko D. G.
Type of cover:Solid interval
Format:130x200 mm (84x108 1/32)
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