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There's another scandal on the Internet. Vikipedia ' s free encyclopedia deleted the Russian researcher ' s article on the valuation of US losses as a result of the Great Depression of 1932-33. Remunerated bloggers began to disseminate the article widely in the Russian-speaking segment of the popular blog service Livejournal. The material has provoked hot controversy, the “historical flashback”, but continues.

In his presentation, the researcher touched on the actual " hot " topic of assessing the number of victims. American Great Depressionwhat appears to have caused such a rapid reaction of the Vikipedia moderators and the activity of Russian-speaking bloggers. Based on the analysis of Boris Borisov ' s statistics, the Goldomore American estimate the number of victims of the financial crisis in the United States of America to more than 7 million, and for the first time directly compared the USA in 1932-33 with the Hunger in the USSR 1932-33.

In its article, Borisov uses official data from the American statistical office. After considering the size of the U.S. population, fertility and mortality dynamics, immigration and emigration, the author concludes that, during the 1932-33 famine, the United States did not count more than 7 million lives.

“If American statistics are believed, in the decade from 1931 to 1940, the growth rate of the United States population has not lost much of 8 million,553,000 people, with population growth rates changing at once, in one way, twice (!) at the end of 1930/31, falling and dying at that level for exactly 10 years... There is no explanation for this in extensive, hundreds of pages, the text of the US Department of Commerce ' s American report, " Statistical Abstract of the United States " , notes by the author.

However, the researcher is adjusting the population ' s movement: " The country has fled by 93,309 more than it has arrived in the 30s, and a decade earlier, 2,960,782. Well, we are adjusting the total demographic losses of the United States in the thirtieth years by 3,054,000 people. "

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