Серена. Великая депрессия

Great Depression Film

There was a collapse on the New York Stock Exchange. Wall Street started panic. But in the first days, the ordinary people of the size of the disaster that was going on in the US, of course, didn't understand.

Even when the country ' s elite financiers began a wave of suicide, society was only gloating: greed was punished! After that, this day will come into all the books under the name of Black Thursday. That's when everything happens to America is called "The Great Depression." This will then be the hardest economic crisis of the twentieth century to lay down the elements, to seek reasons and to make many mistakes in the choice of exit.

And then, in 1929, a few months from now, the country will be flooded with bankruptcy, millions of people will be on the street, banks will fall under the attack of investors who want to return their money immediately, the entire country will be affected by the crisis of farming, industry will rise, money will be lost. And in the same first months, the U.S. government will choose a tactics that all the world ' s world ' s leading economists recognize as a rocky and erroneous policy of non-interference in the market and a saint belief that the market is simply bound to save itself. ♪ ♪

In the documentary, the authors worked with the audience to deal with the events of the twentieth century and to make direct parallels to the day.

The world ' s economists are not struggling for the first century: why the economy cannot grow steadily. Her journey is eternal sinusoid. Up and down. Up and down. In the twentieth century alone, there were many falls: the crisis of military communism in Russia, Great depression 1929 in the United States, following the war crisis of the 40s in Europe, the English crisis of the Tetcher era, the 91st and 98th years in Russia and, finally, the current global financial crisis. What they depend on, and if you can learn how to predict earthquakes and tsunamis, it's in the documentary of Great Depression.

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