Интернет маркетинг и мировой

World Financial Crisis

The crisis in Greece, Brexit, the banking crisis in Italy, the negative rate of return on State bonds is all the falling dominos of one sequence. Consistency of the ongoing and active global financial crisis. And if you are not embarrassed by the growing markets on the wave here and there are emerging news of the collapse of the financial and political system, there is one very clear explanation: the desperate attempt by the two world centrifuges (ECB and the Bank of Japan) by any means to delay the disaster by buying everything from the market.

However, as we see on the chain of falling dominoes, it is not possible to shut down the probe and then the Japanese, European, and then American banks are on line. We'll talk about it.

We haven't noticed.

Let's see something interesting. We have been talking about the re-established global financial system, the integrity and stabilization of the political and economic model in Europe, and the remarkable results in the United States. Which one of us didn't want to be in the center of the ventures, when a losing company suddenly becomes a billion-dollar business. We are told that we have managed to deal with Greece, with debts, growing Evrozone production and so on. There's some corporate slowdown, but who cares?

Let's just look at the stock schedules of the major banks of Europe.

HSBC. The biggest bank in Europe. Bank shares have been declining for three years and are now almost at the 2008 crisis peak BNP Paribas. The second largest bank in Europe. Halfway by 2008 Deutsche Bank. Fourth Bank of Europe. Fullest shares. The bank is cheaper than in the 2009 crisis and, as we see in the volume of bidding, there is a massive eruption of shares. Bank has been cheap 10 times since 2007. Societe Generale. The seventh largest bank in Europe. With the " one " , we can say that there has never been a Unicredit. The 12th bank in Europe, the largest in Italy. The Bank is 20 times cheaper than 2007, and the 2008 crisis has already hit the bottom of Intesa Sanpaolo SpA. 14th bank in Europe, second in Italy. The same picture can be seen if the bottom of the bank ' s crisis was in 2012, even though everyone has long been talking about the rebuilding of Europe, Nordea Bank AB. 13th bank in Europe. It's not as dramatic as it is yet, although, as we see it, movement on the same side with a pretty strong Commerzbank AG. Germany's second largest bank. Comments redundant, the bank has cost 40 times since 2007 Banco Santander. Spain's biggest bank, eight in Europe. Less at the bottom of the 2008 crisis

The rest of the banks in Europe have a similar situation.

Third household

The banking crisis in Italy didn't happen. Since the 2008 crisis, the Italian banks have steadily increased their lending mass, where the share of " bad " debts has increased to 20 per cent in recent years.

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