Rossia Mortgage Crisis

The recurrence of the 2007 United States mortgage crisis is not a threat to Russia, although it is in nominal terms that such papers will be released to reduce the mortgage rate. While the risks are, in general, this long-awaited step in the development of the bond market is not crisis-generated, analysts note. The CB is therefore going to use the " historic chance to solve the housing problem " referred to in the State Council by President Putin

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People ' s need to improve housing conditions remains high, and this demand can only be met through reliable market mechanisms, including mortgages, I am confident of Vladimir Putin. Over the past five years, this tool has led to an increase of 60 per cent in rents and 90 per cent in grades. In developing this instrument, together with other measures, we can implement the historic stance to resolve the housing problem in Russia, he noted at the meeting of the State Committee on Construction on 17 May.

Both Minfin and CB have already begun to find a " effective way " to address the problem. " The President has instructed us to find. There are many ways of lowering mortgage bank rates, they exert pressure on the budget to varying degrees, but we find the best option”, transmitting the words of the Deputy Minister of Finance of Mosesev to the TAS.

♪ Reducing mortgage rates can be achieved by lowering the key RF RCB rates and increasing mortgage rates (an increase in concessional lending), the head of the financial markets of the Community Duma Centre: Dmitri Lipatov. - This way will have maximum effect. But that option would raise the question of seeking funds to increase the budget for concessional mortgage subsidies. And the most common sources for this are increased tax burdens for the population and business and other budget expenditure.

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