Нью-Йоркская фондовая биржа

New York Stock Exchange

1. Wall Street, as a centre of business and finance, emerged under a platan tree, where in 1792, twenty-four traders signed an agreement to trade shares with each other. This is the New York Stock Exchange.

2. The first location of the exchange was a coffee shop. Tontine Coffee House was on Wall Street and Water Street. The New York Stock Exchange moved many times and its current building was built in 1903.

3. The original Wall Street was called "de Wall Street." This place was the city wall of the New Amsterdam city of Dutch.

4. The street lives at 9:30 a day. Torgue starts with a bell on the New York Stock Exchange. The call to mark the end of the bidding is issued at 16 hours local time.

5. Wall Street, in fact, is not the largest financial center in the world: the first place in global rating is London.

6. Wall Street provides 35% of the total income of New York City.

7. The average employee on this street receives $363,000 (bons) for a year. At the same time, the average American doctor's salary is $ 81,400.

8. If you could go back to 1956 and invest $1000 in Warren Buffet's business, one of the most famous people on Wall Street, you would have earned more than $300 million today.

9. Local analysts estimated that the US financial rescue plan was after. crisis worth $4, 62 trillion dollars. It's more than Marshall's plan, the purchase of Louisiana, the Moon, the S program, Korean War, the New Deal policy, the wars in Iraq and Viet Nam, and the NASA budget together.

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