что такое фондовая биржа

Stock Exchange

Московская фондовая биржа - Today is one of the world ' s youngest exchanges and was established in 1997. There are more than 100 companies in Moscow and today among its shareholders. The stock exchange is one of the three main exchanges of the RTA and MICA countries and is the largest commodity exchange of the Russian Federation. It took only 13 years.
Until 2009, the non-profit Partnership took the form of a non-profit partnership, then reorganized and now has the status of the OAO.
Moscow Exchange One of the main areas of the Russian stock and commodity markets, which provides the following services:

As organizer of securities:
♪ Primary securities.
♪ Second trade in securities.
♪ Provision of information and materials for exchanges: quotations, calculated and market prices, trade volumes, etc.)

As organizer of merchandise trade: agricultural, metal, energy, raw materials, industrial equipment, etc.

The list of trade sections is updated regularly.
Organization of auctions.
♪ Clearing services.
♪ Specialized courses

The volume of transactions that are currently being carried out on this exchange via the Internet is about 60 per cent of the total turnover of securities. In view of the interest in trade in securities, which occurs not only in the world but also in Russia, the volume of transactions on this trade area increases with each year and with the emergence of Internet technologies. Access to trade and financial transactions has become more accessible.
To go to the site Moscow Stock Exchange You may use the reference to

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