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Mortgage Market

The mortgage market is an interlinked system consisting of three main market elements:

  • mortgage market (primary mortgage market);
  • The mortgage market (second mortgage market, which in turn also divides into primary and secondary markets);
  • Real estate market.

Mortgage markets (primary mortgage market) covers the scope of the creditor ' s and borrower ' s activities, between which obligations arise under the mortgage contract. Nationals and mortgage banks, mortgage companies and other institutions providing mortgage loans to citizens are members of the primary market. If the creditor is a bank, it is important for it to reinstate the credit resources that it can provide in the form of new long-term mortgage loans to ordinary borrowers. A secondary mortgage market is being organized to meet this challenge.

Mortgage markets (second mortgage market). The market sells mortgages on mortgage loans already provided. The organization that provided mortgage loans to real estate property issues securities secured by mortgages and then sells them to other investors.

In the secondary mortgage market, a combined mortgage loan portfolio is being developed through the transformation of mortgage rights under obligations and mortgage contracts into de-licensed securities and their placement among long-term investors. In the secondary market, mortgages are already considered as a mortgage certifying the rights of the collateral holder to the real estate facility and freely marketed.

The secondary mortgage market is a link between borrowers and lenders in the primary mortgage market, ensuring the accumulation of money and channelling financial flows to mortgage loans.

The mortgage securities market is also divided into primary and secondary. Initial mortgages of mortgage securities to creditors are located in the primary market.

Secondary mortgage market is a market where they turn. The secondary market does not increase the cost of the financial resources involved, but creates a liquidity mechanism and a demand for mortgage securities.

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