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New York Financial Quarter

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Feinenshal Districk - Financial District

Quarter, located on the southern part of Manhattan Island in New York City. Sometimes New Yorkers call the FiDi area a little short. Quarter is the location of the headquarters of many world financial corporations located in the skyscrapers on its territory.

There is also a major global exchange in the quarter, the New York Foundation Birja, New York Stock Exchange. Next to her, Wall Street is the building of one of the main financial institutions of the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

In addition to the distillery of the office spaces that have been scattered in the territory of Finenshal, some parts of the quarter are built on a multi-storey housing structure, the total number of people living permanently in the neighbourhood is around 56,000. During working hours on the same day, 300,000 people from the offices of the companies located here receive the quarter.

The Northern Border of Finenshal Destrick is accepted to be City Hall Park. Thus, Manhattan ' s territory below the park is almost entirely related to Foinenshal Districk, with the exception of a small section in Betteri Park, Battery Park.

financial district new yorkThe heart of Finance Quartale is Wall Street, Wall Street, a narrow street where the main financial institutions are located United States♪ In the north-eastern part of the quarter, the offices of the main American insurance companies are concentrated, and this part of the quarter is referred to as Strahor Quartal, Insurance District.

In addition, Feinenshal Districk includes a large number of tourist attractions from New York, apart from Wall Street itself, the New York Foundation Birgi building and the First President of the United States of America, George Washington, the most popular tourist destinations are the Historical Quarter of South Uly Green Seaport, Bowling Green Park. Ground Zero - The location of the Twin Tower of the World Trade Centre, which was destroyed in 2001, as a result of terrorist attacks.

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