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Wall Street Summary

Equivalence of the autobiographical book of the famous stock broker Jordan Belfort. In 1987, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Di Caprio) founded one of the largest brokering offices, but 10 years later, was convicted of money-laundering. A real star and a millionaire at 26, he became a prisoner at 36. Belfort managed alcohol and drug addiction, wrote two books and now lectures on how to succeed. ♪ ♪

Interesting facts

1.1.2 The Executive Producer Alexandra Milchan read Jordan Belfort's book still in the grips and showed it to Leonardo Di Caprio, who wanted to do the painting together with her Appian Way film company and play a major role.
The radius of Warner Bros has acquired the right to screen specially for Di Caprio. To write the script, he trusted Terence Winter, who once worked at the Merrill Lynch Investment Bank. "I remember the Wall Street atmosphere, and I saw it from the inside, tells Winter. I will never forget on October 19, 1987 when the market collapsed. It was all the more strange to see the same in 2008, after I wrote the Wall Street Volk.
1.1.2 Di Caprio spent weeks with Jordan Belfort. "I wanted to be really friends with him to understand him better," I said an actor. I wanted to know about him something he didn't write about in the book. I felt like an intermediary between a hero and a director. After every meeting, I brought a bunch of records and comments on the scenario. Belfort told me about the giant orgy on the side of Boing on the way to Las Vegas. I told them how they laughed to start chimpanze's office on smacks, diapers on the chairs, so they wouldn't screw up. Talking about relationships with women. I was impressed by his honesty. Marty. I was prepared to try to reschedule everything I thought was interesting. We've seen what happens, we've sewn something, left something. "
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