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Wall Street Sex

The United States. Eightie. Wall Street, where the main stock and stock markets are located, runs and shaves in the common wildlife. Brokers in all phones are trying to " throw their shares " , presenting the dream of the " gold mountains " to ordinary buyers, and then filling their bank account with a commission from another transaction. There's a stunning and endlessly screaming minefield where one wrong move leads to financial self-destruct (saving a lot of shares, and after tomorrow it's devastated) trying to make money on the Red Crab and a young, ambitious broker, Jordan Belprit. Well, once the stock market is down, there's no need for small brokers. Wall Street and appetite swallowed Jordan Belfort and almost immediately returned, but already through another hole and in another capacity. But it's worth living, and Belfort's going down, like a depressed wolf, is set up in a semi-legal brokering office, where he's about to make $2000 worth of money for an hour, selling essentially a paper-based stock trash to an American. More. More. And there's millions on the bank account, and a large brokering company in hand, and the age of thirty years is just and very bleak ambitions, and with money, we have to do something...

Raise the hammer! He managed to spit everyone and even himself! It's his seventy-year-old! On the part of the genre of “bio” (biography) it always seems somewhat boring and dramatic. Especially from Martin Sorsese. However, the Wall Street Volk has a different method, I would say revolutionary. Because it's a movie that's a three-hour-long fun-- a laughter level staggers the minds, and literally from the first minutes, we've got some kind of funny shit. At first, it's a stub on the posterior matter Wall Street, where there's a matttter spraying between everyone and all. It's a day, it's a night. Even comes to having sex in working hours in a free five-minute... Well, he runs the ball, of course, a self-satisfactory, optimistic jordan Belfort physiomy, all listed by Homer One. Easy, dynamics, and permanent humor are giving the impression that we are not facing a new, heavy masterpiece from Skorsese, but another series of comedians from Vegas, but only on Wall Street. Still, Sorsese is Sorsese. He's always been a provocative of society. His heroes are always the great winners and the great losers in the same face-- those who reached the stars and fell down with a coffin on the ground... That and Belfort-- he tasted all the most delicious life juices, had a drunken, sweet sense of universal acceptance and admiration, owned a whole sea of money, so he had everything he wanted (villa, yacht, helicopter, roses-roys, bucket, champagne warehouse, and so on a few copies). ♪ ♪

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