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Wall Street Trailer

Фильм «Волк с Уолл-стрит» запрещают и «режут» в разных странахIt's all about some open scenes that are in the movie. In India, for example, censorship cut out three episodes related to sex and drug use. Some rejoinders were also removed, which, according to local authorities, insult the believers.

In Singapore, only those viewers who were 21. As a result, the film only shows up in a bunch of cinemas. In Malaysia, the tape was simply banned. Foreign media writes that a sales company has learned after a review: the tape will have too many censor problems because of non-regulatory lexis, naked people demonstrations and sex. The same decision was taken in Nepal to prohibit the Wall Street Volk. In the United Arab Emirates, the film was reduced by 45 minutes. At the same time, the authorities announced that the censor had nothing to do with it - the seller itself had decided to cut a number of scenes. On the other hand, in Lebanon, the cinemas were relieved. It was originally planned to remove the same episodes from the film as in India. But in the end, the censor was limited to the exception of one sex scene.

The Wall Street Volk tells the story of Jordan Belfort's New York financier, who at the end of the 1980s had wealth and influence and led a distorted lifestyle. Then he lost everything because of the securities fraud, went to prison, but eventually managed to overcome the damaging dependence and return to normalcy.

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