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Seannessy, Which Makes Wall Street Roll

Аудиокниги по инвестициямI've been increasingly being asked about books to read and listen to business and investment. Today I want to share with you books that will help you move on to what you want!

I've been keeping a list of books that I'll read later and those that have already read.

Reading, I quickly realized that the more you read, the better the head works. The more ideas come. You don't have to remember everything you read. It's just that the main thoughts are delayed, and they're changing from knowledge.

Make a plan, read at least. 2 books per month♪ And your life will change. ♪ ♪

For your convenience, we have broken books by category:

  1. Management + Management at IT (48 books)
  2. Finance, business and marketing (54 books)
  3. Development of software, project management and time (39 books)
  4. Negotiation, rhetoric art (11 books)
  5. Psychology, communication and relationships (20 books)
  6. Business Roma (20 books)
  7. Investment, passive income, stock market (15 books)
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