Далее сортируем денежные

Wall Street Story

Since Economycus is an economic game, of course, there is a need for comparison with the most popular desk game of this genre - Monopoly (also known in Russia as "Menger."

True, telling what the Economy is different from Monopoly is probably the simplest way to present you the best Russian economic game of 2016;

So, five of the most important differences:

1. Strategy instead of luck.

If you played Monopoly, you're sure you know how much it depends on a game of cube dumps. Some have the opportunity to buy profitable property, or even quickly collect all the objects of the same segment and create a monopoly, and someone has the pleasure of scattering only on the occasional cages and already occupied sites, and eventually to sell property from other players at overvalued prices.

There are companies in the Economycus game that have to be bought by players, but each time all players can bid for the company at the auction, and the company receives a player offering the highest price. This means that the players themselves decide for what price they are willing to buy a company, taking into account its profitability, the probability of falling, neighbouring industries and the presence of other players in the same industry. By the way, the probability of different industries is very different - up to six times! You will quickly understand and appreciate this important aspect of the game!

The game model is balanced so that a case makes the unpredictability and inability of one game to another. But, moreover, your decisions will depend on the economic efficiency of your business operation. And, yes, after the first game, you'll realize that the game strategy isn't alone, and the right choice depends not only on the maps you made at the beginning of the game, but also on how you'll figure out the tactics of your rivals.

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