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Wall Street Door

Чарльз Эдвард Меррилл (1885-1965)He made Americans a shareholder nation.

Charles Merrill Journal, 1998


Based on real events.

1907. Here we go. The door opened.

"Well, I haven't been here yet, maybe it's going to help," I thought Charlie, coming into the youth Christian organization boarding house (YMCA). " There is a need to find housing today. After all, somewhere to sleep in this New York, he went in his head and pushed the door into one of the rooms.

Эдмунд Калверт Линч (1885-1938)♪ Who's there?

" Yes, not very welcoming, but we need to try. "

♪ My name is Charlie, Charles Merrill, and he's presented to an artistic young man who will meet.

♪ I'm Eddie, Edmund Lynch. What do you want?

♪ Looking for a room in this neighborhood.

♪ Yeah? What do you do?

♪ I'm working a loan manager in one office, and you asked Charlie.

♪ I'm a broker at Wall Street.

2013. End. The door's shut.

The Merrill Lynch Co. will have no impact on the services of BofA clients or the Merrill Lynch brand, saying that the press secretary of America Bank Jerry Dubrovsky withdrew from the room and covered the door.

сеть магазинов Safeway StoresCharlie Merrill from Florida.

The founder of one of the largest investment and financial conglomerates of the twentieth century, Merrill Lynch Charles Edward Merrill (Charles Edward Merrill) was born in sunflower Florida on 19 October 1885 in Green Cove Springs. The town stayed very and very small. In 2010, there were 6,908 Charlie's Landers.

Charles had the most ordinary parents. Father Charles, Merrill, doctor, mother, Octavia, Wilson. It's mentioned that Charles Sr. had his little business as a pharmacy. In principle, a good connection is that the doctor writes a prescription for his own pharmacy. Something like the modern domestic health model. And given that, most likely, Green Cove Springs in the nineteenth century was just one medicar and one pharmacy, then you should think that money was in the family.

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