Гостиница в центре Одессы

Wall Street Odessa

Фото Евгения ТаранаOur city has the first business class hotel. The place with the characteristic name Wall Street was located in the center of the city on Vice Admiral Zhukov.

The ceremony was opened by one of the founders of the Vaghan Simonan Hotel.

Photo Eugenia Taran

“I very much hope that our hotel will be one of the best in our city, and I will make every effort to that end. I will carefully control the team that has taken over the hotel so that the guests always receive quality services and live comfortably, and I have noted in my speech Vagan Simonian.

The guests at the opening included prominent Odesys, businessmen, representatives of the State. Thus, the wife of former Prime Minister Anatoly Keenah Marina Quinah was the honourable guest of the opening. She's one of the first to cross the threshold of a new hotel.

"The hotel is very beautiful. It's style, it's fashionable. As everyone in Odessa, she shared the impressions of Marina Quinah and promised that she would stop here in our town.

Congratulations on the arrival of a new hotel in our city, Ivan Liptuga, Director of the Department of Tourism and resorts of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine.

“WallStreet, in my view, has well-deserved four stars. Our Department of Tourism and Kurorship of Ukraine produces certificates, and I hope that you will submit an application soon and receive official stars. " , noted Liptuga.

At the opening of the guests ' hotel, there was a saturated entertainment program, master class, pranks, gifts and treating. The party's been in the turbulent 20s of extravagant New York.

" The twentieth years of the past century are the most vivid years of today, these are years of cinema, market economy and exchange, jazz, art deco. And the Wall Street Hotel, which appeared in Odessa, symbolizes the new age of hospitality in Odessa, noted the business manager of the Wall Street Arthur Lupasko.

The hotel itself consists of twenty-six comfortable numbers. The institution focuses on the business segment of visitors. The hotel benefits from price policy and stylishing numbers. There is a conference room at the hotel where trainings and seminars can be conducted, as well as a cozy café where the guests have a Swedish table that will impress any even the most trusted guman.

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