Wall Street Thailand

Фондовая биржа ТаиландаThe TAILAND Foundation, the only exchange in Thailand, is located in the capital, Bangkok. Beginning from the State Securities Exchange of Thailand, established in 1975. The current name was received in 1991. It's in State property.

In May 1974, a long-awaited legislation was signed establishing The Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET). This was accompanied by a review of the Income Code at the end of the year, allowing savings to be invested in the capital market. By 1975, the basic legislative structure had been established.

Birjah Thailand (Stock Exchange of Thailand, SET) is part of the Asia-Oceania Stock Exchange.

Initially, Thailand ' s first officially approved and regulated securities market was proposed as part of the Second National Economic and Social Development Plan (1967-1971). In the proposal for a controlled securities market, the Second National Development Plan emphasized that capital mobilization would be the most important role of the market to support Thailand ' s industrialization and economic development.

Управление фондовой биржи ТаиландаThe modern Thai capital market can essentially be divided into two phases, starting with the establishment of the Bangkok Stock Exchange, which was initially private, accompanied by the Thai Fondation.

Main Stock Exchange Index of Thailand

SET 50 index represents the stock status of the 50 largest companies on the market. For the first time, on 16 August 1995, 100 points were published.

The SET Governing Council consists of a maximum of eleven persons, five of whom are appointed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and five are elected members of the Thai Stock Exchange. President SET, appointed by and is a member of the Board. Board. ♪ ♪

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