Биткойн покорил Уолт-стрит

Walt Street

фото: wikipedia.org The famous Hollywood actress will have to testify in the defamation case.

Reuters reported this today. In 2014, a former manager of Stratton Oakmont Andrew Green was filed. This is the claim that led to the appearance of Di Caprio in court. The plaintiff claims $50 million for damages to him. He's sure that the Volk with Walt Street, Nicky Coscoff, who played his role as PJ Birn, is completely copying his identity. However, the fact that heroes use drugs and lead a vicious way of life is not true.

It's not the first scandal around a famous movie. So, for example, Novosibirska's film company used to fine 800,000 roubles for the Walt Street movie. The Gosnarco Control saw in Martin Sorsese's ribbon propaganda.

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