Ограбление на Бейкер-Стрит

Wall Street Robbery

Сотрудники Wells Fargo открывали счета и выпускали кредитки без ведома клиентов. Пострадало до двух миллионов человекAgainst the backdrop of scandals that have shaken the U.S.F.F. almost continuously over the past 10 years, Wells Fargo looked like a bank clean, not mixed in some questionable stories. The 2007-2009 crisis was almost painless, as it minimized the use of risky credit and complex exchange tools. Unaccidentally, Wells Fargo is the beloved billionaire banker, Warren Buffet, who decided to invest several billion dollars in 2009.

The bank failed to achieve 100 per cent sterility. Less than a month ago, Wells Fargo had to pay about $4 million in fines to settle a student loans case. By accepting student contributions, the bank did not provide all the necessary information as of the account and thus prevented clients from minimizing costs. I was punished.

Акции вроде Occupy Wall Street («Захватите Уолл-стрит») вызваны в том числе и действиями нечистоплотных банкировBut it's a little bit of a change in the back of what happened in September. As a result of an investigation by the U.S. Bureau of Consumer Protection, the U.S. Pigs concluded that, for many years, Wells Fargo had opened accounts in their name (differently, from one and two million) and issued credit cards (more than 500,000).

Photo: Rick Wilking / Reuters

Wells Fargo staff opened accounts and issued credit cards without the knowledge of clients. Up to 2 million people

Of course, money for services that consumers didn't know anything about was written off with real accounts. Client losses are currently estimated at $5 million. But the amount of the investigation will probably grow.

Criminal cases have not yet been established: the bureau has no authority. However, all necessary documents have already been referred to the Public Prosecutor ' s Office and other competent bodies. The bank was issued a fine of $185 million, which he rushed.

However, in comparison with the loss of market capitalization, this is almost nothing -- the company ' s shares have cost almost 15 per cent, which is over $30 billion. Warren Buffet's losses are about $1 and a half billion.

The Director-General of the credit organization, John Stumpf, immediately made " organizational conclusions " , with 5,300 people (approximately every fiftieth staff member). But there was no top manager among them, just small cages and their direct superiors.

However, it is highly doubtful that the bank ' s private employees will suddenly agree to and dispense with this magnitude. Therefore, the American public is now, as it is said, waiting for landing, with far more serious figures than simple office employees.

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