13: Американская фондовая

American Stock Exchange

- The New York Stock Exchange, which deals with secondary securities. It originates from the open sky market where brokers made street deals on Wall Street. In 1921, the market moved under... Repertoire of the Technical Translator

- AFB(AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANCE AMEX). The second largest stock exchange in the United States in terms of the total stock sales and the dollar equivalent of shares sold, the AFB was named 5 January 1953. Before that, it was called 1929 1953 Banking and Finance Encyclopedia

- (American Stock Exchange - ASE, or AMEX) - second largest US Stock Exchangewhich produces one tenth of all shares sold in the country. Since most of the companies that are listed on ASE are small... The economy from A to I: Thematic guide

- (Amex) The US Stock Exchange, which is the second (after New York) trade area. In New York, on Trinity Place, 86, in the lower part of Manhattan, AMEH in 1921 was called Curb Exchange, and so far it... ...Financial-investment push dictionary

- (American Stock Exchange AMEX). The stock exchange in New York, there's a second-rate deal on the mouth. It comes from open sky market, brokers made street deals on Wall Street. In 1921...

- (American Stock Exchange) Stock Exchange in New York, which deals with secondary securities: There are shares and bonds of companies whose size prevents them from becoming members of the main New York Stock Exchange ...

♪ Second United States stock exchange. This exchange sells mainly the securities of small and medium-sized companies... the Investment Dictionary.

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