Волк с Уолл-стрит

Wall Street Money Hd

Nearly 50 million dollars have been allocated to the Hedge Fund owners from Wall Street for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. As the American edition of the Wall Street Journal writes, New York financiers are most active in supporting a candidate from democracies. According to them, a billionaire Donald Trampe didn't get a hundred percent of what Clinton got, just $20,000.

According to journalists, business is investing in a candidate who will best express his interests.

He adds oil to the fire, and the recent film "Clinton Days" on a one-name book, says "Russia 24." It describes in detail how the presidential bill, using the links accumulated during its stay at the country ' s wheel, has smashed a multi-million-dollar state. And now the Clinton Clan is actively using it to take over the White House again.

In July 2016, the President of Turkey, Regep Tayip Erdogan, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, entered the tenth of the month ' s most-named people in the Russian press. Meanwhile, Erdogan had 60,337 press reports. He took the second place in the top-10, significantly lowering Vladimir Putin, but overthrowing the Prime Minister of Russia, Dmitri Medvedev.

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