Кадр из фильма Оливера Стоуна

Stone Wall Street

Кого назначим президентом Америки?America was created for a short time and for its specific purposes. In 2012, everything was to end with a major planetary catastrophe. However, the parasites have been interrupted, so they've got it all figured out. ♪ ♪

Author - Sergei Vasiliev

The ungrateful and boring work is the 100-500th review of the " Oslo " and " Ambassadors " of the Summit of Empire Debra.В «Империи добра» неважно, кто президент. Там рулят паразиты Therefore, today, I propose another option: the emergence of a complete and absolute patriot of Russia, that is, you, my esteemed reader.

If the number of chief executives of Russia who have been exemplified by the fact that they are brave and decisively responsible for the urgent personnel changes in the Government, does not buy a heavy sentence against the people who are known to them and who gives them some kind of general orders, such as, " and if he is to have this elite on the berm, he will throw away a little more than anything, it is to the Empire! Look how you need to... The compatriots are squeezing, and for nothing.В «Империи добра» неважно, кто президент. Там рулят паразиты Now is the time.

So, today, on the eve of the presidential elections in Empire Debra, imagine that you, contrary to all the laws of physics, political science and electoral law, have been taken to the Great Brother ' s political Olympics, while remaining at the same time, have noticed, with complete openness, the patriot of 16 parts of the land.

В «Империи добра» неважно, кто президент. Там рулят паразитыWhatever measures you have taken, what leverage you have put on to deal with the acute crisis in bilateral relations, make this world less dangerous and more predictable, and in order to keep up to two times, to carry out a long-standing project of several generations of Soviet people under the conditional name of the Mir-Myr-Myr-Myr-Switch...

Let me help you look around.

What do you see from Capitol?

From the bottom, they look at you 300 million different, very diverse, warm, long and sincere haters. Most recently, historically, literally yesterday, the U.S. has cancelled racial segregation and removed it from the streets (but not from its head), which is very true in both Hollywood episodes and police reports, according to which one, the other city of the United States is becoming a field of socio-racial battle.

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