Распределение доходности

The Lynch

20 rules for a successful investor from Peter Lynch.

1. The investor ' s advantage is not to follow the professional councils of Wall Street, but to learn from experience. If this knowledge is used to invest in those industries and companies you know well.

2. While investment professionals have been well established in the stock market in recent decades, this only facilitates the situation of an unprofessional investor. If he doesn't act as things do, then the market may exceed.

3. The relationship (orrelation) between the company ' s stock growth and its success is very often absent for several months or several years. But in the long term, the relationship (orrelation) between the company ' s success and the increase in its shares is 100%! This gap makes money for all those who tolerate their shares of successful companies.

4. You should always have an idea of what money is invested and why.

5. The shooting is the right way to miss.

6. With shares, like children, there's a lot to do with. If investment is not a major activity, the optimal number of companies that need to be tracked in order to sell and buy stocks in a timely manner should not be more than 10. At the same time, there are no more than 5 companies in the portfolio.

7. If there's no way to find the companies to invest in, it's better to put the money on the bank account until the attracting companies come.

8. Invest in the company only when her financial condition is known. If the enterprise has a bad financial situation, it can cause record losses to the investor.

9. We need to avoid companies and industries where everyone invests money. Investment in excellent enterprises in well-established, calm industries is guaranteed excellent income.

10. Small firms should start investing when they start to become profitable.

11. Losses of $1,000 in equity will never exceed $1,000. But they can eventually turn into $10,000, or even $50,000, if they're patience enough. For this to happen, we just need to find some good shares.

12. In any industry or region, a very unprofessional unprofessional will find excellent growing companies much faster than their professional competitors.

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